In his teens, Tobias was exposed to hands-on construction and building techniques that then allowed him to start creating on a different level though visual art. Fascinated with woodworking and metal smithing, Tobias set out to build an Etsy site selling custom jewelry and started building a 3D portfolio that would eventually earn him Four Gold Keys from the Scholastic Art Awards and a Presidential Scholarship to Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD). With these newfound skills in his repertoire Tobias decided to take a leap of faith and switch gears in life by choosing to attend CCAD where he currently is studying Industrial Design and the practicality of small scale living paired with Fine Arts and the study of glass as a functional medium. Where upon graduation he is planning to take his mission of efficiency and concept of living inspired by radical self-reliance to the world through his plans to help increase the rationality in the human way of life.

From a very young age, Tobias Katz always knew he was in search of the next very big adventure outside of his home of Columbus, Ohio. At the age of five he visited Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus and instantly was absorbed into the atmosphere of bright colors, sounds, and the smells of popcorn and sawdust. Through this experience he was opened up to the world of performance, human creativity and the temporary rambling lifestyle of 'here one day, gone the next'. With these ideas instilled in his head, Tobias knew he had to be part of the creative world and for the next decade, choose to begin training as a circus performer. From these experiences, he flourished creatively and discovered a strong sense of personal motivation and drive. He gained his leading stage presence through the foundations of leadership found in his personality and utilized his ability to create lasting relationships through empathy and near seamless adaption to the personalities of anyone he crossed paths with by interacting with a wide range of international cultures.